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The Wave Pictures is David Tattersall (vocals and guitar), Franic Rozycki (bass guitar) and Jonny Helm (drums) and they’ve been hard at work since 1998.  I was just introduced to this British indie trio earlier this week and it’s yet another reminder that there are a plethora of good musicians out there waiting for new listeners.  If I had to compare them to one band, The Drums always seems to come to mind.

The trio just released a new video for their latest single, Little Surprise (available now via Moshi Moshi.  The full album, Beer in the Breakers, is set to be released May 2nd).  The track is fantastic and full of the eclectic humor and folksy charm that has come to define the band and the video is a perfect interpretation of the song.  It’s shot in beautiful Paloma Spain and in a rather upbeat form of melancholy tells the story of a young couple confronting depression and thoughts of suicide.

Vocalist Dave Tattersall sheds some light on the lyrical content – “I wrote these lyrics in a bar in Munich, hungover, first thing in the morning. The lyrics describe a scene involving two people who work there having some kind of squabble. It’s terribly mysterious. One of them has “a little surprise up his sleeve”, but we never find out what it is”.

Anyways, enjoy the video below, then head on over to the band’s media page where they have a good amount of free mp3s.

p.s. If you call the UK home, the band is currently on tour there.

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