[watch] The Jezabels//Endless Summer

Endless Summer is an ideal, a fantasy, the kind you can impose onto another person when you are lonely or when reality is dark and cold, like the boy in the film clip,” says Hayley Mary, the front woman of the  Australian moody-pop quartet The Jezabels.

The video for Endless Summer, premiered this morning by the international culture outlet PopMatters.com, was directed by Mikey Hamer and appears as if straight out of a period-piece film, complete with beautiful cinematography and costumes. The band’s penchant for the dramatic shines through, re-asserting their self-described genre “intense-indie,” called  “emotional intensity and grace” by Canada’s Chart Attack. The video is for the single Endless Summer which will be released on their debut LP Prisoner, for which the U.S. release date is yet to be set.  [source: planetary group]

And if you have a hankering for some live music, The Jezabels will be returning to the U.S. and Canada in November to tour with the Canadian indie rock band Hey Rosetta!

♫ The Jezabels – Endless Summer ♫

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