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[on repeat] Gambino x 3

As Childish Gambino preps the release of his latest mixtape, three new tracks have dropped this month.  I’m a big fan of Mr. Glover, the actor and rapper, so i’ve been a very this month.

The first track to surface/leak is the eloquently titled “Fuck Your Blog”.  The comedic track features Yung Humma and Flynt Flossy and is a direct jab at the haters that think Gambino’s hip hop flame is a fluke and undeserving.

Fuck Your Blog (ft. Yung Humma Flynt Flossy)

Next up, “Unnecessary”, which features ScHoolboy Q and premiered on Funkmaster Flex, hence the bleeps and radio tags.

The last track to surface is also my favorite of the bunch.  Gambino released “We Ain’t Them” personally on his twitter account, hot on the heels of a pretty major vent session.  Rather than going on the offensive, like he did with “Fuck Your Blog”, he goes on the defensive with this track and raps about the direction of his hip hop career.  I’m not exactly sure why he feels like he as to defend himself.  He’s been my favorite hip hop artist since I first listened to the I Am Not a Rapper mixtapes and his live show is insanely good (my favorite of 2012 right now).  As far as i’m concerned, we need more hip hop artists like Gambino.  You can download “We Ain’t Them” here and stay tuned for more Gambino.