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(365) Days of Favorites//3.29.22

She don’t call
She don’t call me anymore
My phone’s not ringing
Ringing like it did before
She don’t love nobody
She don’t want nobody
Now I’m crying on the floor

‘Cause I don’t think she cares anymore, anymore
I don’t think she cares anymore, anymore
I don’t think she cares anymore, anymore
I don’t think she cares anymore, anymore

White Reaper – I Don’t Think She Cares [from White Reaper Does It Again]

White Reaper


Favorite LPs of 2015: Part 1

Another year of fantastic tunes. Not sure why, but it was a bit easier to nail my favorite LPs down than the last couple of years (favorite EPs was a bit more work this year).  Enjoy and tune in later today for Brendan’s favorites.


15 – Will Butler//Policy

will butler - policy

Take My Side



14 – The Go! Team//The Scene Between

the go! team - the scene between




13 – Youth Lagoon//Savage Hills Ballroom


Highway Patrol Stun Gun



12 – White Reaper//White Reaper Does It Again

white reaper - white reaper does it again

Make Me Wanna Die



11 – Colleen Green//I Want To Grow Up





10 – Dean Hurley//Days of Thunder & Rain


♩ How Can Love Grow From Pain?



9 – Dan Deacon//Gliss Riffer


Learning to Relax



8 – CHVRCHES//Every Open Eye


Never Ending Circles



7 – Sufjan Stevens//Carrie & Lowell

sufjan stevens - carrie and lowell

Should Have Known Better



6 – Beach House//Depression Cherry

beach house - depression cherry

Space Song



5 – Emile Haynie//We Fall

emile haynie - we fall

Come Find Me (ft. Lykke Li & Romy)



4 – Hot Chip//Why Make Sense?

hot chip why make sense

Need You Now



3 – Telekinesis//Ad Infinitum

telekinesis - ad infinitum

♩ In a Future World



2 – Father John Misty//I Love You, Honeybear

father joh misty - i love you honeybear

I Love You, Honeybear



1 – Jamie xx//In Colour


♩ Gosh



What are your favorite LPs of 2015?



(31) Days of Good//12.3.15

sleater kinney - no cities to love

Welcome back ladies. “Sleater-Kinney are one of the great rock bands and No Cities To Love is the perfect comeback: a treat for die-hard fans as well, a perfect introduction for newcomers ­– and what a journey that’ll be.” (via Drowned In Sound)

Sleater-Kinney – Hey Darling [from No Cities to Love]




Rock. And. Roll.

♩ Mourn – Marshall [from Mourn]



white reaper - white reaper does it again

See above and add extra fuzz, speed, and volume.

White Reaper – Make Me Wanna Die [from White Reaper Does It Again]




Powerful and to the point.

DILLY DALLY – Desire [from Sore]




I dabble in the black arts from time to time, but I wouldn’t consider myself a legit metal fan. Deafheavan’s 2013 LP,  Sunbather, was a surprise favorite of mine and they’ve done it again with this year’s New Bermuda. I can’t really put a finger on it, but there’s something about Deafheaven that speaks to me. I have absolutely no idea what George Clark and company are screaming about, but I love it and the guitar and drum work are irresistible.

Deafheaven – Come Back [from New Bermuda]




[new music roundup] 7.17.15

white reaper - white reaper does it again


A few of my favorite new releases this week…


The Bird and the Bee//Recreational Love



The Chemical Brothers//Born in the Echoes



Iron and Wine & Ben Bridwell//Sing Into My Mouth

[ironandwine.com] + [bandofhorses.com]





Samantha Crain//Under Branch & Thorn & Tree



Tame Impala//Currents



White Reaper//White Reaper Does It Again



What are your favorite new releases this week?