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[hot off the press] The Postelles//The Postelles

The debut full-length from NYC rockers, The Postelles, is out today (6/7) and it’s definitely worth your attention.

If you’re not familiar with The Postelles, they’re a bunch of NY youngsters with a knack for 1950’s doo-wop and indie garage rock…think Buddy Holly singing lead vocals for The Strokes (neat little fact, album was produced by The Strokes’ rhythm guitarist Albert Hammond Jr).  Last.fm describes the band as “a more modern take on the soundtrack to a 1950s prom with a New York edge thrown in for good measure.”, but Paste Magazine sums it up best — ‘They’re the group that would have been had Marty McFly stuck with his band at the Under the Sea dance and helped develop their sound into a mix of their Motown roots and the rock that would follow, touring the boozy backwaters outside Hill Valley to the delight of any crowd.”

I haven’t heard a single disappointing song from these guys, but White Night is definitely my favorite track.  Check out the video and track below, then do yourself a favor and grab yourself a copy of the album here.

The Postelles – White Night