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[on the rise] Heinali and Matt Finney

Of all the music submissions i’ve received, this duo is definitely one of the more original and interesting acts to ever contact me.

Heinali and Matt Finney consists of Ukrainian Composer, Heinali, and Alabama-based, American spoken word artist/poet, Matt Finney.  It’s not fair to classify them as one defining genre…and really hard to if you even tried.  Their music is a mix of ambient, drone, doomgaze, and spoken word, with a lot of cinematic textures as well.  The best way for me to describe their sound is “intense creative passion”.

The duo has released three critically acclaimed EPs (stream them here) and showed up on many 2010 year end lists (see what thedumbingofamerica.net thought).  More recently, they signed with Paradigms Recordings and are currently working on their fourth album.

While we wait for the latest from Heinali and Matt Finney, be sure to visit their bandcamp page, where you can stream most of their music and even download two excellent covers (Radiohead’s Creep and Joy Division’s Candidate).  And be sure to check out the Freddie Lloyd directed video for Under God’s Heaven below.