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[on repeat] M83//Oblivion: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


As you probably already know, Anthony Gonzales (M83) scored the soundtrack to the new Tom Cruise flick, Oblivion, along with Joseph Trapanese (who helped Daft Punk with Tron: Legacy).  Though the physical release is next week (April 9th), you can now stream the entire soundtrack at Pretty Much Amazing. Enjoy


[anticipation] Big Black Delta

“If you didn’t have standard pop music as a reference, what would your pop music sound like?” Jonathan Bates asked himself this very question, and the answer, he found through his discovery of his solo project, Big Black Delta.

You may already be familiar with Big Black Delta (BBD), but if you’re not, you should be.  THE CULTURE OF ME puts it best, “BBD makes some of the noisiest and most fun pop music you’re likely to hear for a long time coming”.  I was first introduced to BBD via the TRON: Legacy remix album, TRON: Legacy R3CONFIGUR3D.  On the album, BBD teamed up with M83 to do a remix of Fall (one of the best tracks on the album, btw).  Being a huge fan of M83 already, and knowing nothing what so ever about BBD, I was quite and intrigued and turned to the good ol’ internet for more.

I immediately discovered that BBD’s first release, BBDEP1, is available to fans as a free download and the finishing touches are being put on the full length LP.  Along with the EP, BBD also made available the oh so good track, Huggin & A Kissin, for which Kevin Bronson, from Buzzbands.la, writes “BBD’s banging track Huggin & A Kissin sounds like Every Eighties Band We Loved.”  I couldn’t agree more.

The LP is due out this Fall.  In the meantime, go grab the EP and stay tuned for more Big Black Delta.

♫ Big Black Delta – Higgin & A Kissin ♫

p.s. LA peeps, Big Black Delta is playing The Satellite tonight (6/29) at 8:30pm!