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(31) Days of Good: 12.29.12


“‘Dreams So Real,’ which is one of the darkest, greatest things Metric has ever created. It’s one of the boldest musical choices on the album, fit with stripped down instrumentals and deceptively complex composition. This stripped down background works so well because Haines’s words are so honest. ‘Have I ever really helped anyone but myself?’ she asks.” (via Surviving the Golden Age)

Metric – Dreams So Real [from Synthetica] (stream on soundcloud)




“‘Now that you’ve grown so wise / Use that head and stop to think a little / Just cause you’re crazy doesn’t mean you’re free,” sings frontman Torquil Campbell on the opening track and first single, “The Theory of Relativity.’ The track, which bumps and throbs to an ‘80s bass line and synth, creates a separation between the watered-down radio hits that have become synonymous with recent pop.” (via Paste)

Stars – The Theory of Relativity [from The North]