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[new music roundup] 2.17.16


A few of my favorite new releases this week…


Animal Collective//The Painters EP



Bing & Ruth//No Home of the Mind



The Courtneys//II



Dutch Uncles//Big Balloon



Jens Lekman//Life Will See You Now



Mozart’s Sister//Field of Love



The Orwells//Terrible Human Beings



Strand of Oaks//Hard Love



What are your favorite new releases this week?

(31) Days of Good//12.17.16

Frank shocked the world with two big releases, basically back to back. Both are fantastic and deserve repeated listens. Like “All We Got” from Coloring Book (Chance The Rapper), “Nikes” is a perfect lead off track. Almost too perfect. It’s really quite infectious. I’ve listened to this track on repeat probably the most this year. The production is impeccable. Play. Enjoy. Repeat.

♩ Frank Ocean – Nikes [from Blonde]



Fuzzy slow-fi ode to letting go, taking risks, and putting yourself out their.

♩ bed. – Billy Joel [from klickitat EP]



Clocking in at a mere 1:26, the song is bursting at the seems and the perfect teaser for the band’s new LP (Terrible Human Beings,  out 2/17).

The Orwells – Buddy [single]




(31) Days of Good//12.3.14

broncho - just enough hip to be woman

If this doesn’t hook you right out of the gate, there’s something wrong with you. And probably my favorite album title of the year.

♩ BRONCHO – Class Historian [from Just Hip Enough To Be Woman]



king tuff - black moon spell

If T. Rex was still making music today, it would sound a lot like this.

♩ King Tuff – Beautiful Thing [from Black Moon Spell] (track begins at the 13:56 mark)



alvvays - alvvays

Fuzz pop, chick band…obviously i’m gonna love it.

♩ Alvvays – Archie, Marry Me [from Alvvays]



the orwells - disgraceland

It’s hard not to be jealous of these Chicago rockers and their immense talent. They sound like a 70s rock band, yet they graduated from high school in 2013. And if you’re gonna write a ballad about driving an ex to a suicide attempt, you might as well make it catchy. Very much in the same vain as The Misfits’ “Saturday Night”.

♩ The Orwells – Blood Bubbles [from Disgraceland]




[new music roundup] 6.3.14

blackbird blackbird - tangerine sky


A few of my favorite new releases this week…


Blackbird Blackbird//Tangerine Sky



Centro-matic//Take Pride in Your Long Odds



Clap Your Hands Say Yeah//Only Run



The Orwells//Disgraceland



Parquet Courts//Sunbathing Animal



Tijuana Panthers//Wayne Interest



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Favorite EPs of 2013

#10 – Lucius//Lucius


Turn It Around


#9 – Oberhofer//Notalgia


♩ You + Me (Still Together In The Future)


#8 – Amason//Amason


♩ Älgen


#7 – Gems//Medusa


♩ Medusa


#6 – CHVRCHES//Recover


♩ Recover


#5 – The Orwells//Who Needs You

♩ Who Needs You


#4 – Trails and Ways//Trilingual


♩ Tereza


#3 – Haerts//Hemiplegia


♩ Hemiplegia


#2 – Kishi Bashi//7″ Singles


♩ Sunday Smile (Beirut cover)


#1 – Phantogram//Phantogram


♩ Black Out Days


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