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(31) Days of Good//12.15.14


After four LPS, and a handfull of EPs and Singles, Future Islands is finally garnering the attention, acclaim, and high praise they’ve always deserved. Their latest LP, Singles, is one of the best albums of the year and some of the Baltimore band’s best work to date. I recently lost my Grandmother and though the title refers to “grandfathers”, I can’t help but think of my Grammy whenever I listen to this particular track.

Future Islands – A Song For Our Grandfathers [from Singles]



Panda Bear - Mr Noah EP

Panda Bear will release his latest LP (Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper) early next year. Lucky for us, he was kind enough to drop a little preview in the form of the Mr Noah EP. All four tracks are brilliant, but the easy flowing “Faces in the Crowd” is without a doubt my favorite of the bunch.

Panda Bear – Faces in the Crowd [from Mr Noah EP]




Talos is the music of Irish native Eoin French. The perfect blend of R&B, electronica and beat production. I predict Talos will blow up in the near future. I for one can’t wait to hear more.

Talos – Tethered Bones [from Tethered Bones EP]




People shat all over her SNL performance earlier this year, but I for one thought it was fantastic. As always, Ms. Clark shreds all over this album and proves once again why she is one of the best guitarists in the biz.

St. Vincent – Birth In Reverse [from St. Vincent]




I was super surprised to get a new Rentals album this year. Not surprised at all with how good it is.

The Rentals – It’s Time to Come Home [from Lost In Alphaville]




Favorite EPs of 2014

15 – Oceaán//The Grip EP
oceann - the grip



14 – Cathedrals//Cathedrals EP
cathedrals ep



13 – Pink Feathers//Invisible Lines
The Feeling’s Gone (feat. Speak)



12 – Evian Christ//Waterfall
evian christ - waterfall ep



11 – Sales//Sales – EP
sales - sales ep
Chinese New Year



10 – Various Artists//non•market comp 1
Astronauts, Etc. – Odessa (Caribou Cover)



9 – SCNTST//Forever 16
scntst - forever 16
Ghetto Youth (soundcloud)



8 – Talos//Tethered Bones EP
Tethered Bones



7 – Panda Bear//Mr Noah
Panda Bear - Mr Noah EP
Mr Noah



6 – Son Lux//Alternate Worlds
Easy (Switch Screens) [feat. Lorde]



5 – Röyksopp & Robyn//Do It Again
Do It Again



4 – Active Child//Curtis Lane – EP
I’m In Your Church Tonight



3 – Broods//Broods
broods - broods ep



2 – Jon Hopkins//Asleep Versions
jon hopkins - asleep versions
Form By Firelight – with Raphaelle Standell



1 – Babes//Babes
babes EP
Isn’t It Love