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Favorite EPs of 2014 (so far)

wanderers and wolves - demo








Evian Christ//Waterfall



French Horn Rebellion//Swing Into It



Mapei//Don’t Wait



Röyksopp & Robyn//Do It Again

[royksopp.com] [robyn.com]


Son Lux//Alternate Worlds



Various Artists//non•market comp 1



Wanderers & Wolves//Late Night Sessions Demo



Check back in December to see which of these make the final cut.

[watch] French Horn Rebellion//Swing Into It (ft. HAERTS)

French Horn Rebellion//Swing Into It (ft. HAERTS & The Sacramento Ballet Company)

“Here’s how the story goes. Last winter, we did a performance at LowBrau in Sacramento – which has become one of our favorite places to play – and after the show, a group of beautiful ballerinas came up to us, wanting to congratulate us on a show well done. After recovering from shell-shock that such pretty girls would talk to us, we learned that they were members of the Sacramento Ballet Company, and we both began to lament the deteriorating interest the public has in classical music, ballet, and the fine arts.

Together we thought – hey, let’s do something about this ! Let’s collaborate and make something special that is truly fun and artistic – nothing ironic, nothing satirical, just an upbeat and beautiful collaboration using our classical skills. FHR had a track featuring HAERTS coming up, so they sent it to the Sac Ballet, and Rex Wheeler, the choreographer, was immediately inspired. Alexandra Cunningham- the Sacramento Ballet’s social direct was recovering from a ballet-related injury at the time, and hit up all the local Sacramento boutique shops for costumes, and got funding for the dancers from nights at LowBrau, while FHR found the production team, ‘The Strangers’ to put together lights, camera and action. What you see is the final product of working through the internet and on the ground, and we’re so proud of it.” [via frenchhornrebellion.com]