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[watch] The Raid

Making a huge splash at this years Sundance Film Festival, the Indonesian film, The Raid is becoming one of the most talked about action films in quite some time. Several clips have been released and the red band trailer will make you squirm. Here is an exclusive clip from Mike Shinoda’s blog. Shinoda scored the film and is the only good thing to come out of Linkin Park in my opinion. The score has a dubstep/electronic tempo set against high paced gritty action. I can’t wait for this film, due out in March. It caused a bit of a bidding war at Sundance and XYZ Films is handling the transaction. I first heard of The Raid over the summer when a friend who works with XYZ told me about his hopes to get this film to the states…looks like he did his job well. Also look for the American remake coming soon, Warner Bros. bought the rights. Enjoy

Here is the trailer:

And the exclusive clip from Shinoda