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(31) Days of Good//12.13.20

Khushi – This Is, Pt. I & II [from Strange Seasons]

Taylor Swift – exile (feat. Bon Iver) [from folklore]

Son Lux – Plans We Made [from Tomorrows I]

Gordi – Volcanic [from Our Two Skins]


Favorite EPs of 2014

15 – Oceaán//The Grip EP
oceann - the grip



14 – Cathedrals//Cathedrals EP
cathedrals ep



13 – Pink Feathers//Invisible Lines
The Feeling’s Gone (feat. Speak)



12 – Evian Christ//Waterfall
evian christ - waterfall ep



11 – Sales//Sales – EP
sales - sales ep
Chinese New Year



10 – Various Artists//non•market comp 1
Astronauts, Etc. – Odessa (Caribou Cover)



9 – SCNTST//Forever 16
scntst - forever 16
Ghetto Youth (soundcloud)



8 – Talos//Tethered Bones EP
Tethered Bones



7 – Panda Bear//Mr Noah
Panda Bear - Mr Noah EP
Mr Noah



6 – Son Lux//Alternate Worlds
Easy (Switch Screens) [feat. Lorde]



5 – Röyksopp & Robyn//Do It Again
Do It Again



4 – Active Child//Curtis Lane – EP
I’m In Your Church Tonight



3 – Broods//Broods
broods - broods ep



2 – Jon Hopkins//Asleep Versions
jon hopkins - asleep versions
Form By Firelight – with Raphaelle Standell



1 – Babes//Babes
babes EP
Isn’t It Love




(31) Days of Good//12.8.14


If I told you Sufjan Stevens was attached to one of the best hip hop(ish) records of 2014, you might call me crazy. But combine Sufjan with Son Lux and Serengeti, and not only is the self-titled debut one of the best hip hop(ish) records of 2014, it’s easily one of my favorite overall records of the year.

♩ Sisyphus – Rhythm of Devotion [from Sisyphus]



run the jewels - run the jewels 2

Easily the best hip hop of 2014. Killer Mike said it best – “It is the best rap group album since RTJ1.”

♩ Run the Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1 [from RTJ2]




How do you make my favorite guilty pleasure track of 2014 better? Add Kendrick.

♩ The Hood Internet – Backseat Shake Off (Kendrick Lamar x Taylor Swift) [single]



Flying Lotus - You're Dead!

Not that Flying Lotus really needs Kendrick’s assistance when it comes to producing such cool and creative tunes, but it sure doesn’t hurt. And when you’re done here, be sure to check out the track’s music video.

♩ Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar) [from You’re Dead!]




Favorite EPs of 2014 (so far)

wanderers and wolves - demo








Evian Christ//Waterfall



French Horn Rebellion//Swing Into It



Mapei//Don’t Wait



Röyksopp & Robyn//Do It Again

[royksopp.com] [robyn.com]


Son Lux//Alternate Worlds



Various Artists//non•market comp 1



Wanderers & Wolves//Late Night Sessions Demo



Check back in December to see which of these make the final cut.