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(31) Days of Good//12.14.16


Perfect example of when autotune works. And if you’re thinking “this sounds like Bon Iver…”, it was co-produced by Justin Vernon.

Francis and the Lights – See Her Out (Thats Just Life) [from Farewell, Starlite!]




One of the more bleak tracks from Mitski’s excellent fourth album. The song explores the parallels between uncontrollable urges and withdrawals of babies born with addiction and those suffering from severe depression. Equally vivid and somber and unexpectedly impactful.

Mitski – Crack Baby [from Puberty 2]




Crystal Castles minus Alice Glass still weirds me out, it’s like spending Thanksgiving with a divorced couple. It really shouldn’t work, but somehow it does. I’m mostly pleased with the new material and new recruit Edith Frances, who really shines on this ethereal track.

Crystal Castles – Ornament [from Amnesty (I)]