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[watch] Bon Iver’s 4AD Session

I’ve always wanted to see Bon Iver live.  Now after watching this, I really want to see a live show.  The vocals are magical and the only thing better than one grand piano, is two grand pianos.  Read a bit about the session below and then enjoy the video below.

“For the latest installment in the 4AD Sessions series, 4AD and Jagjaguwar have collaborated in order to capture a truly unique Bon Iver live performance. On recent tours fans will have become accustomed to seeing Justin Vernon flanked by an eleven-piece band, with the swell in numbers lending a grandiose element to even his most delicate songs. Sidestepping expectations, the idea Vernon presented for the session was to provide a wildly different experience.

Recorded in AIR Studio’s Lyndurst Hall – a building that was originally a church and missionary school designed in 1880 by the great Victorian architect Alfred Waterhouse (designer of the Natural History Museum) – Vernon was joined only by Sean Carey, with the pair positioning themselves opposite one another at two grand pianos. Although neither Justin nor Sean’s first instrument is piano, they were able to remodel the songs in a way that showcases their complimentary vocals and, perhaps more strikingly, a seemingly effortless ability to experiment with form and structure” [continue].