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(31) Days of Good: 12.3.13


The City and Horses released their third studio album (Strange Range) last June, and like previous releases, it was packed to the brim with fun, quirky indie pop. No track better represents the band’s signature sound (and the awkwardness of growing up) quite like “17”. Fun fact about this track…it all started in a pocket. “Marc wrote the first single, “17”, with GarageBand on his iPhone and used much of the what he recorded in the final version. He also plugged his iPhone directly into the console and used it as an instrument on a number of tracks.” (via)

♩ The City and Horses – 17 [from Strange Range]



Oakland’s Trails and Ways are one of my favorite discoveries from the past couple of years. You could simply describe their music as indie pop, but I prefer the band’s own description – “bossa nova dream pop.” I saw them live last year in LA and they really put on one heck of a show. In fact, that show is where I first heard this track and i’ve loved it ever since. And as a little bonus, enjoy their incredible cover of my favorite Frank Ocean track, “Lost”.

♩ Trails and Ways – Tereza [from Tilingual]
Trails and Ways – Lost (Frank Ocean cover)



X PRIEST X is the project of vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Dave Kazyk and Chandler Strang.  ”Samurai” is their debut track and it’s fantastic — dreamy, synth-pop at it’s best.

X PRIEST X – Samarai (demo)


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