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(365) Days of Favorites//5.5.22

Fuck a king or queen and all of their loyal subjects
I’ll pull my penis out and I piss on their shoes in public
People, we the pirates, the pride of this great republic
No matter what you order, mo’fucker, we’re what you’re stuck with

I used to love Bruce, but livin’ my vida loca
Help me understand, I’m probably more of a Joker
When we usher in chaos, just know that we did it smilin’
Hannibal’s on this island, inmates run the asylum

Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Hey)
Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Hey)
Ooh, la la, ah, oui oui (Hey)
Ooh, la la (DJ, DJ)

Run The Jewels – Ooh La La (Mexican Institute Of Sound remix, feat. Santa Fe Klan) [single]

Run The Jewels


(365) Days of Favorites//3.25.22

Bunches and bunches, punches is thrown until you’re frontless
Oodles and noodles, bang bullets at suckers noodles
Last album voodoo, proved that we was fucking brutal
I’m talking crazy, half past the clock is cuckoo
You rappers doodoo, baby shit, just basic boo boo
I’m Shaka Zulu, Mansa Musa, my money’s buku
My beats is bangin’, fuck what you rappin’, who produced you?
I slapped the snot, take what ya got and Run The Jewels you

You itsy bitsy furry fright, and fricken sickly
A little prickly, dick on display for Winter swimming
Look at these kitties Mike, I’m a rat-a-tat ’em for living
I deal in dirty work, do the deed and then dash, ditch ’em
I’d lend a hand but they stuck in a fist and gun position
We run our brand where destruction’s the number one commitment
It’s all a joke between mom contractions and coffin fittings
So we disappear in the smoke like we’re fucking magicians

Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night, Pt. 1 [from Run The Jewels 2]

Run The Jewels


(31) Days of Good//12.1.21

IDLES – Crawl! [from CRAWLER]

Life in Sweatpants – Good 2 Yourself [single]

Run The Jewels – ooh la la (feat. Lil Wayne, Greg Nice, & DJ Premier) [from RTJ4 (Delux Edition)]

BANKS – The Devil [single]


(31) Days of Good//12.1.20


Run The Jewels – a few words for the firing squad (radiation) [from RTJ4]

Woodkid – In Your Likeness [from S16]

Jónsi – Salt Licorice (with Robyn) [from Shiver]

Washed Out – Time to Walk Away [from Purple Noon]