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(31) Days of Good//12.12.19

Blackbird Blackbird – Hearts [from Hearts]


Jai Wolf – This Song Reminds Me Of You [from The Cure To Loneliness]


Maggie Rogers – Retrograde [from Heard It In A Past Life]


Rhye – Save Me [from Spirit]



(31) Days of Good: 12.12.13


I’ve been obsessed with this track all year, it really is the perfect combination of R&B and new wave synths.  It comes to us courtesy of Brooklyn crooner Autre Ne Veut, whose LP Anxiety was released back in February, but it’s remained a favorite of mine all year.

♩ Autre Ne Veut – Play By Play [from Anxiety]



“Perhaps the most blogged about song this year (i’ve counted at least 88 blogs and countless remix ‘attempts’), ‘Open’ is bound to get your blood to the boiling point. Milosh’s breathy vocals are more than sufficient to send you to a sensual climax as the words just float out of his throat. The real highlight is the ambiguity; there’s no explicit language, no obvious sexual references, and no specific gendered material. Mike Milosh even manages to sound somewhere between a husky female and a slender tight-lipped crooner. It’s all very neutral, yet full blown sexy.” via The New LoFi

♩ Rhye – Open [from Woman]



There aren’t many artists that can do so much, with so little. James Blake has a gift. The way he blends fragility and simplicity in his music is stunning.

James Blake – Retrograde [from Overgrown]


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