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(31) Days of Good//12.16.14

mariachi el bronx - III

I’ve seen Mariachi El Bronx in concert twice, both times by accident.  Each time I was blown away, each time I promptly forgot about them.  There’s something particularly liberating about their latest eponymous album.  Makes me want to drive around on a summer day with the top down.  Hackneyed?  Sure. How about: Makes me want to sit around on a patio, bbq, and drink three (four?) too many, like the Torretto family at the end of every Fast/Furious movie.  Next sunny day, here’s what you should do: Get a little wasted, call an Uber, and make the driver throw this shit on super loud while driving around town.  Tell him to play this.

♩ Mariachi El Bronx – Raise the Dead [from Mariachi El Bronx (III)]



Jenny Lewis - The Voyager

I was listening to a Grantland podcast a few weeks ago .  One of the hosts (Andy Greenwald) was talking about his interview with Jenny Lewis, who had just released the Adams-produced “The Voyager.”  Apparently Lewis and Adams got into an argument one night at the studio–Adams told Lewis to go home and “write Wonderwall” (which he believes is the apex of songwriting).  She came back with the best song on the album and his response was something to the effect of “that’s not Wonderwall.”  Fucking amazing.  (Also said, in response to Lewis’ request that she use backing vocals: “Morrissey didn’t use backing vocals.” Listen to the clip here, begins around the 43:00 mark.)

♩ Jenny Lewis – The Voyager [from The Voyager]




And speaking of Ryan Adams. He released his 14th solo-studio albums this year. One of finest I might add. However, the best Adams song to come out this year is the live version of “Fix It” from Spotify Sessions.

♩ Ryan Adams – Fix It [from Spotify Sessions: Live At The Village] (watch the entire live set courtesy of KCRW)




“my money get older and older and older like Regis”

♩ PARTYNEXTDOOR – Recognize (feat. Drake) [from PARTYNEXTDOOR TWO]