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[on the rise] Thrill Kill

I’m not a dancer…but I do dance, and the latest from the electronic/disco/house duo, Thrill Kill, will definitely make you boogie.

Thrill Kill is the collaborative effort of American Vocalist John Webb and Polish Producer PiMO.  The duo met while working on Modfunk’s 2008 release Emofunk, which featured Webb, PiMO, Philippe Zdar (Cassius), and French producer Demon.

Thrill Kill’s sound is a combination of house, disco, and nuwave, that produces a ultra chic sound…and is the perfect addition to any dance party playlist.  If I had to compare them to another artist or band, Chromeo comes to mind the most.  The duo recently released two singles Night Skys and Way That You Move, along with numerous remixes from the likes of German artist Vincent Fries, Polish artists Pol Rax, Invisible Stroke, and more.

For more Thrill Kill, check out their facebook page and follow them on twitter.  More importantly, head on over to their soundcloud page, where you can listen to and download tunes (my personal favorite is Night Skys, but they’re all worth a listen).