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(31) Days of Good//12.14.14


Over a shuffling drum beat, the track builds to a climax of buzzing guitars and a large, wordless vocal melody. (via Miles Bowe, Stereogum).

♩ The Rural Alberta Advantage – On The Rocks [from Mended With Gold]



luluc - passerby

“…delicate ‘Small Window’ heavy in gentle guitar strumming and angelic vocals. (Zoë) Randle says the song ‘was drawn from the sometimes enchanting space between dreaming and waking’ and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate description.” (via My Old Kentucky Blog)

♩ Luluc – Small Windows [from Passerby]




“There are tracks that can be compartmentalized. They fit within a genre, tucked neatly within a tab at the record store. This Hundred Waters‘ melancholic, angelic song sprawls itself openly, abstractly – with patience and grace. It is soul and ghost pop and R&B and all the nuances you want it to be, with each listen.” (via Abby Yemm, Turntable Kitchen)

♩ Hundred Waters – Murmurs [from The Moon Rang Like a Bell]



deerhoof - la isla bonita

“Paradise Girls” is bright and upbeat, defined by fluttery percussion and syncopated guitar lines. The song was inspired by the band’s long roster of female heroes, including ‘Joan Jet, Janet Jackson, [and] Kim Gordon.’ (via All Songs Considered)

♩ Deerhoof – Paradise Girls [from La Isla Bonita]