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[hot off the press] Rapdragons//Natural Born Chillers

Baltimore hip hop duo Nick Often and Greg Ward, better known as Rapdragons, have been busy.

Back in 2009, the duo released their debut record, Ten Stories High, to local, regional, and bloggable acclaim. They followed that up with the remix album, Ten Stories Hijacked, in 2010.  Soon after, they released the much-anticipated mixtape album, and one of my favorites, Featuring Baltimore — a collection of hip hop tracks each sampling a different band from baltimore, including Beach House and Future Islands.

Now when I woke up this morning, I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see an email from Rapdragons waiting in my inbox announcing their latest mixtape EP, Natural Born Chillers.  I really haven’t had a chance to give the EP a proper listen, but i’m sure it won’t disappoint.  Like Featuring Baltimore, the new EP is another collection of hip hop meets indie rock…or as I like to call it, Indie Hop.  And like previous releases, Natural Born Chillers is available for free download here!

Like I said before, I haven’t given the new EP a proper listen, but so far I’m really digging the title track:

Rapdragons – Natural Born Chillers (Rapdragons x Moss of Aura)