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[on repeat] Skipping Girl Vinegar//Chase The Sun

Australian indie-darlings, Skipping Girl Vinegar have just released their critically acclaimed Chase the Sun EP in the US.  The EP showcases singles ‘Chase the Sun’, ‘Here She Comes’,  ‘Sift The Noise’ and ‘One Chance’, which all received heavy rotation across Australian radio.  Lead single ‘Chase the Sun’ features the critically acclaimed ‘Monkey in Space’ film clip that has enjoyed extensive play on Australian music television, being award ‘Rage clip of the week’ and extended prime time play.  The band (along with a team of cowboy scientists and artists) sent a discarded hobo toy monkey to the edge of space (110,000 ft AKA 4 x higher than Mt Everest) with the help of a giant weather balloon and camera to capture the flight in what is a must-see experience (enjoy the video below).  The new EP is available now via Secret Fox Records.

Chase the Sun