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Do Something Good Today: Memory Walk 2013


You, or somebody you know, has most likely been affected by Alzheimer’s, so please join me in bringing awareness to this truly awful disease.  Personally, Alzheimer’s scares the shit out me.  The way it consumed my Grandpa is reason enough for me to support this cause.

For the last 6 years, i’ve been taking part in the Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk®.  Since 1989, Memory Walk has raised $300 million for Alzheimer care, support and research. By teaming up with others, I’m hoping to do my part to fight this deadly disease and show my support for the more than 5 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease.  Funds raised through Memory Walk go towards research to treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, and programs to improve the lives of millions of Americans already affected.

I’m hoping you’ll join me this year.  Whether it’s in the form of a donation, or simply joining my team (Team “Lori and Grams”), every little bit helps.  My team will be walking in this Saturday’s (Oct. 12) Memory Walk in Chico, CA, but be on the lookout for your local Memory Walk this year…more than likely there’s at least one nearby.

You can join my team HERE (Team “Lori and Grams”).
You can make donations HERE.
And in music related news…
In honor of World Alzheimer’s Month, the Minnesota-based band Electric String Quartet (ESQ), has released an album and DVD, The Vertical Horizon — a conceptual album to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s.  The project represents what it feels like to lose your memory, moving from beautiful pop-rock ballads to darker rock tones and confusing cacophony from beginning to end, with the end goal to raise awareness of the disease.  With this record, they have created a number of partnerships, including the Hilgos Foundation (an Alzheimer’s organization based in Chicago) and the Cedar Cultural Center, whom had given ESQ a grant to record a live DVD of the album.  The Vertical Horizon is available now.