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[on the road] Megan Bonnell

In support of her debut EP MAPS, musical “impressionist” Megan Bonnell will be playing her debut Los Angeles show at the Silverlake Lounge on July 12th.  Her mini-tour stops in Vancouver, B.C. and San Francisco, CA before finishing up in Los Angeles.

The ethereal songtress Megan Bonnell’s MAPS EP, was released June 21st, 2011 through Nevado Records (Library Voices, Yukon Blonde, Golden Dogs).  Her honest, playful lyrics and alluring voice pull the listener in as she travels through different locations.  Using geographical influences and simple piano melodies, she easily creates a setting for her listeners to dive in to, which translates into a captivating live show. Be sure to see her for her first Los Angeles performance! [source: planetary group]

♫ Megan Bonnell – South Korea ♫