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(31) Days of Good//12.19.15

mew + -

“…’Water Slides’ is the single I’ve been waiting for. The Mew I have been missing from my life. Where ‘Satellites’ touched upon a much lighter and uplifting theme, ‘Water Slides’ decides to delve into a much more brooding and somber world. The world where Mew shines. It is in this matter that they warm up my heart the most. I love me some dark undertones in music. I thrive on it. So basically, what I’m trying to say is that this song has been on repeat all day and I’ve shoved it down all of my friends throats already. You guys are next in my shoving! WOOO!” (via The Original D-Rose)

Mew – Water Slides [from + –]





“Sjowgren is a brand-new trio from the Bay area, though their sound, which Bob calls ‘clean, wonderful pop,’ convinced Robin they must be from Sweden. ‘Seventeen’ is a joyful, experimental confection, with lead vocals that reminded both Bob and Robin of The Concretes’ singer Victoria Bergsman.” (via All Songs Considered)

Sjowgren – Seventeen [single]




“I love me some Mas Ysa (aka Thomas Arsenault).  You should slap on some headphones for this ambitious track, which features big vocals and a wonderfully textured arrangement.” (via Side One Track One)

♩ Mas Ysa – Look Up [from Seraph]





[new music roundup] 7.24.15

Strange Wilds -subjective-concepts


A few of my favorite new releases this week…


Ducktails//St. Catherine






Field Music//Music For Drifters



Gwenno//Y Dydd Olaf



Jessie Jones//Jessie Jones



Mas Ysa//Seraph



On An On//And The Wave Has Two Sides



Strange Wilds//Subjective Concepts



What are your favorite new releases this week?


(31) Days of Good//12.19.14


One of my favorite discoveries of 2014. I love how this track continuously jumps around sections with a multitude of musical styles, influences, beats, and tempos.

Mas Ysa – Why [from Worth]




Hands down one of the best debut albums and most catchy songs of 2014.

Sylvan Esso – Coffee [from Slyvan Esso]



eternal summers - the drop beneath

Right out of the gates, this song hooks me. It’s one of those songs i’ll never get tired of and the perfect addition to a road trip playlist. Roll down the windows and blast this gem.

Eternal Summers – Gouge [from The Drop Beneath]




Lo-fi, fuzz pop, shoegaze, atmospheric, cinematic etc. All of these and more could be used to describe XO’s Heart. I highly recommend listening to this album beginning to end, but if your crunched for time, at least give “Coast” and whirl. And like Eternal Summers above, “Coast” is a must add to your road trip playlist.

XO – Coast [from Heart]



pains of being pure at heart - days of abandon

“Eurydice’ sticks with the band’s early-’90s dream-pop aesthetic, but it’s got a big, glowing widescreen chorus, and it’s the sort of thing that some very smart director could use to soundtrack a romantic-comedy running-in-the-rain montage.” (via Tom Breihan, Stereogum)

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – Eurydice [from Days of Abandon]