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(365) Days of Favorites//3.19.22

The very last breath of the hero of our tale
Would you only to guess
Did he truly prevail
In the the sequel?
I guess I’ll have to write a sequel…

My favorite part’s when I die
In your arms like a movie
It’s tragic, but now the story has it’s proper end.

Oh hello,
Will you be mine?
I haven’t felt this alive in a long time
All the streets are warm and grey

I read the signs
I haven’t been this in love in a long time
The sun is up the sun will stay
All for the new day

Kishi Bashi – Manchester [from 151a]

Kishi Bashi


[watch] Kishi Bashi//A Sunday Smile



Kishi Bashi’s cover of Beirut’s “A Sunday Smile” is one of my favorite songs, and now videos, of 2013.

This cover serves as the b-side for “Manchester”, the first of three 7″ singles from 151a.  Order the 7″ box set here and see Kishi Bishi live here.  The video originally premiered on All Songs Considered and the very talented string quartet is comprised of Sara Caswell and Joe Brent (violin), Beth Meyers (viola) and Andrea Lee (on cello).


[on repeat] Kishi Bashi//A Sunday Smile


For the first of three 7″ singles from 151a, Kishi Bashi recorded a beautiful orchestral cover of Beirut’s “A Sunday Smile”.  The cover serves as the B-Side for the album single “Manchester”.

“The orchestral quartet rendition of Beirut’s amazing song was arranged by Kishi Bashi, and appears exclusively on this 7” release. The recording is not available digitally, aside from the download code which accompanies the vinyl. The vinyl itself features a unique Purple & Orange colored splatter design.


Each of the three 7″s in this series features a different orchestral cover song on Side B, a different vinyl color, and corresponding cover art which forms triptych when all three are placed side by side.” [via Joyful Noise Recordings]

Order the 7″ box set here and see Kishi Bishi live here.