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In Remembrance…LCD Soundsystem

James Murphy and Co. took the stage yesterday to bid farewell.  LCD Soundsystem’s played their last live show and those lucky enough to score tickets to the sold-out performance, at Madison Square Garden, were treated to 3-hours plus of dancing themselves clean with some of the best dance/electronic/pop music of the last 10 years.

I wasn’t one of the lucky ones in attendance, but I was lucky enough to catch the act live last Fall in support of This Is Happening.  That was one big dance party, so I can only imagine how much fun last nights show must have been (Donald Glover has some really nice thoughts on the performance over at iamdonald.com).

photo courtesy of iamdonald.com

I’m not going to write much more on this.  It’s sad that such a good band have said goodbye, especially considering the current outbreak of horrible cookie-cutter pop music infecting the airwaves (Ke$ha, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Rihanna, etc).  But i’m glad the band is going out on their terms.  They did what they set out to do and they’re happy with the results.

Normally, I would include a track or two after my ramblings, but not today.  One, I don’t have permission.  Two, it’s way too hard to pick one or two tracks to sum up LCD Soundsystem.  Three, if you’re reading this post, chances are you already have everything produced by the band and there’s really no need to double up…but like me, you may not have seen LCD’s last show.

Pitchfork was nice enough to stream the entire show live yesterday (they also put together a really good, in-depth history of LCD  — You Were There: The Complete LCD Soundsystem).  Supposedly, the stream was supposed to be a one time thing and  if you didn’t tune in live, you missed out.  Luckily the internet doesn’t forget anything and I was able to find the entire show on youtube.  I’m not sure how long it will last, so check it out below while you still can.
UPDATE (4/6): looks like the internet police took the farewell concert video down, but i’m sure you can find them elsewhere.

And lastly, THANK YOU, LCD Soundsytem…THANK YOU.

Paste Magazine put out a good list of their 10 favorite LCD tracks.  I think Great Release should be included, but I pretty much agree with the picks otherwise.