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(31) Days of Good: Day 22

I originally discovered Britain’s Clock Opera because of their remixes, but this past year they’ve been teasing us with some original tracks.  They’re still one of the best remix collectives in the game, but as far as i’m concerned, Clock Opera’s originals are damn near perfect.

♪ Clock Opera – Belongings (from Belongings EP)

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I don’t know much about San Francisco based Collider.  I can’t even remember how or when I stumbled upon them.  I do know that they’ve put out 4 EPs via bandcamp.  Collider’s most recent EP, Vaede, is what i’m most familiar with.  It’s really synth driven (which I love) and reminds me of combination of Blackbird Blackbird and The Naked and Famous.

♪ Collider – Mono (from Vaede EP)

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“Like Fad Gadget and Suicide before them, husband and wife Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry use keyboards and drum machines to forge life-affirming anthems taut with muscle and blood.  They are fully engaged in the moment and their surroundings, wherever that may be.  Sound Kapital is the first Handsome Furs album written exclusively on keyboards though guitars are still heavily prominent in the recording.  These nine songs of innocence and experience occasionally look ahead to a better world in the not-so-distant future, but Handsome Furs know what time it is: Now.” [source]

♪ Handsome Furs – Repatriated (from Sound Kapital) [free download via sub pop]

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After releasing two buzz worthy EPs, NYC’s Hooray For Earth released their debut LP, True Loves.  If you’re a fan of drum-heavy synth rock, with some experimental electronics and distortion mixed in, you’re gonna love Hooray For Earth.

Hooray For Earth – True Loves (from True Loves)

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Mid-Week Mixtape: Summer Driving

The wifey and I are driving up the coast this weekend and it got me thinking about Summer driving mixes.

I absolutely hate driving and I wouldn’t be able to handle it without some good tunes.  If you’re anything like me, you make mixes for all of your driving adventures and even though our wallets are getting raped at the pump, i’m sure this Summer includes a couple of road trips worthy of their own soundtrack.

I usually don’t think too hard when it comes to putting together a driving mix — it’s usually a bunch of new songs I enjoy, with some old reliables sprinkled in.  Other than that, I follow two simple rules.  (1) The songs can’t put me to sleep and (2) the mix should be long enough that you don’t get tired of the songs too quickly, but short enough that you hear every song at least once on the trip.

I’m still putting together my mix for this weekend’s trip, but here are some tracks that will definitely make an appearance.

Au Revoir Simone – Tell Me (Clock Opera Remix)
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Austra – Lose It
[More: Austra]

Bikini – American Mourning (Win Win Remix)
[More: Bikini//More: Win Win]

Chiddy Bang – Too Much Soul
[More: Chiddy Bang]

Cults – Abducted
[More: Cults]

El Obo – Vrgn Evl
[More: El Obo]

Gang Gang Dance – Mindkilla
[More: Gang Gang Dance]

Germany Germany – Take Me Home
[More: Germany Germany]

Handsome Furs – What About Us
[More: Handsome Furs]

Holy Ghost! – Wait & See
[More: Holy Ghost!]

Maximum Balloon – Groove Me (feat. Theophilus London)
[More: Maximum Balloon//More: Theophilus London]

The Naked And Famous – Young Blood
[More: The Naked And Famous]

Of Monsters And Men – Little Talks
[More: Of Monsters And Men]

Parenthetical Girls – Evelyn McHale
[More: Parenthetical Girls]

unouomedude – Frequency
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Listen to the entire mix on 8tracks.