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(31) Days of Good//12.23.17

“[The title track] was essentially a song about depression. Going through a dark time and it takes you over and you’re trying to escape it. I wrote all those lyrics very quickly when I was in this shitty place. I’m sort of amazed now when I listen back to it, how lucid I was. I wrote it pretty quickly, thinking I was going to go back and change it. But I went back and I decided I knew what I wanted to say in that song.” – A.C. Newman

The New Pornographers – Whiteout Conditions [from Whiteout Conditions]


“They infuse a lot more modern tones on “Toughen Up,” bringing in synths and light touches of electronic life for a much richer sonic variety. Inherently one of the more pop-driven tracks on the record, it’s more natural tones make it feel like the intersection of Future Islands and Canadian folk rock.” (via Northern Transmissions)

The Rural Alberta Advantage – Toughen Up [from The Wild]


Molly Tuttle – Good Enough [from Rise]


Mt. Wolf – Soteria [from Aetherlight]