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(31) Days of Good: Day 29

Today’s GOOD is a year’s worth of guilty pleasures.  I wouldn’t necessarily say I like all of these songs, but I can’t help but pay attention when I hear them.  And to be honest, if some of these songs weren’t so overplayed, they would probably be legitimate favorites.  What were your guilty pleasures this year?


♪ Foster The People – Pumped Up Kicks (from Torches)

I had this stuck in my head for weeks. They are like a pretty, Disney channel version of MGMT.


♪ Adele – Someone Like You (from 21)

This record was hard to miss this last year. Probably the most played song of 2011, but it deserves to be here. Adele stomped on the idea of a sophomore slump with her second effort, 21, and proved that a girl with a great voice can sell millions of albums. It was refreshing to see such a talent that wasn’t overproduced or autotuned.


♪ Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz – 6 Foot 7 Foot (from The Carter 4)

I can’t do Lil Wayne anymore, I feel like he has become a caricature of himself. He is funny and has some good stuff, but is probably the most over hyped rapper out there. That being said, this track is awesome. I love the production and it reminds me of the old Weezy.


♪ Waka Flocka Flame ft. Roscoe Dash & Wale – No Hands (from Flockaveli)

I’ve heard other rappers talk about this dude in interviews, rappers that I like, so I had to check him out. It’s weird, dirty south shit, but fun. Give it a try.


♪ Dev – In The Dark (single)

This is my silly club track, it is a straight up Euro-trash dance beat, but fun if you’re on the dance floor or in a club. I heard about this chick on The Hundreds blog, she has some cool artsy videos, and the song is catchy.


♪ Beyoncé – Countdown (from 4)

Not since “Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)” have I felt so guilty listening to (and liking) a Beyoncé track.  This track won’t be the dancehall staple “Put a Ring on It” is, but I’d be lying if I told you I liked it less.

In Case You Missed It…

So, I was lucky enough to take a much-needed vacation the last couple of weeks, but I wasn’t able to do much of anything in regards to this here blog…even though there seemed to be an abundance of musical going-ons while I was away.

With that said, I figured I should do a little roundup of music news/updates/announcements that caught my eye while I was out on the open road.  My guess is most of this is old news for you, but in case you missed it…

Cults is going on tour with Foster The People this Fall.  Check the dates here and enjoy the official video for Go Outside.

Kanye and Jay-Z released their highly anticipated collaboration, Watch The Throne.  Does it live up to the hype?

The Knux visited Daytrotter.  Listen/download the session here.

Hoodie Allen released a Leap Year, his followup mix-tape to last years Pep Rally.  Both mix-tapes are available as free downloads.  Grab Pep Rally here and Leap Year here.

Theophilus London is hitting the road this Fall.

Holy Ghost! are headlining their first ever tour in the US.  Dates and such are here and be sure to check out the animated video of their track, Some Children, here.  (FYI, you might as well grab the track for free while your there)

Mates of State are hitting the road this Fall.  More information about the tour is here and enjoy the video of their brand new song, Maracas, below (courtesy of Stereogum and download the track for free here!

Mister Heavenly dropped a new video of their SXSW adventures.  Enjoy the video below, then head over to the band’s main page and grab some free tunes.

The Jezabels announce North American tour.  Dates and such here.

[hot off the press] MNDR Remixes

A couple of brand new MNDR remixes just dropped and they’re both available as free downloads!

The first one is an excellent remix of Cut Me Out by renowned techno producer, Hervé.  Grab the remix here and check out the original track below.

MNDR has also been working on a collection of 4-Track remixes all recorded on 4 tracks straight to analog tape.  You can download the first remix, Foster The People’s Pumped Up Kicks (MNDR 4-Track Remix), on RCRDLBL.  More 4-Track remixes are on their way, so stay tuned.

MNDR – Cut Me Out