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(31) Days of Good//12.21.15

A few more of the best videos of 2015…



♩ Autre Ne Veut – Panic Room [from Age of Transparency]




♩ The Weeknd – The Hills [from Beauty Behind The Madness]




Weird…but I’m super intrigued.

♩ Yung Lean – Hoover [single]




♩ Kendrick Lamar – Alright [from To Pimp A Butterfly]




One of the most unique artists in popular music, and if she wanted to be as big as Taylor Swift she could be…she can craft a pop song as well as anyone…she just chooses to not play it straight.

♩ Grimes – Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream [from Art Angels]




♩ Banks – Better [single]




(31) Days of Good//12.8.15


One of my son’s favorite jams. You put this song on in my house and you better be ready to get down. I dare you not to dance to this song. (p.s. I need to learn Kim’s moves before the next wedding season arrives)

Matt & Kim – Hey Now [from New Glow]




Urgh, damn these talented teenagers, for they inspire in us rather confusing feelings of envy and adoration. It’s mainly the latter for 19 year-old Aussie Kaity Dunstan, who under the guise of Cloves gives us another jolt of her talent.”  (via pressplay)

Cloves – Don’t You Wait [from XIII EP]




Unorthodox pop at it’s best.

Grimes – Flesh Without Blood [from Art Angels]




“These days, Frank Turner is a positive person. Each song he writes is a charismatic singalong, and ‘Get Better’ from Positive Songs For Negative People is perhaps his most anthemic of them all. Urgent and exciting, it’s sure to make even the most negative person crack a smile.” (via All Songs Considered)

Frank Turner – Get Better [from Positive Songs For Negative People]