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(31) Days of Good//12.11.15

hot chip - dancing in the dark

Hot Chip is one of my all time favorite live acts. Was lucky enough to catch this rendition live this year and it was SO SO GOOD. Only an act like Hot Chip could mashup the boss with LCD Soundsystem and make it work so well.

♩ Hot Chip – Dancing In The Dark [from Dancing In The Dark EP]



beach house - depression cherryBeach House proved, once again, that they’re the ones to beat when it comes to ethereally, dream pop. And I would have been completely satisfied with one new LP, but the Baltimore duo treated fans this year with TWO solid full lengths (released a mere two months apart I should add).

Beach House – Space Song [from Depression Cherry]


Beach House – Elegy To The Void [from Thank Your Lucky Stars]




“With ‘Ghosts,’ Made In Heights is aiming for buzz band designation.  The track kicks off with energy and bounce before Bulkin’s light sensuous vocals hit like a lover’s whispers.  Deep synthesizers dig in before the chorus lightens the song up, with Bulkin singing about ghosts filling cups with her tears.  Meanwhile, Sabzi mixes in a range of samples and riffs reminiscent of 90s rap, lending the track a nostalgic vibe at moments.  In all, the song sounds like something by Little Dragon but with more energy and fantastic elements.  With ‘Ghosts,’ it’s clear Made In Heights has found their sound.” (via EARMILK)

Made in Heights – Ghosts [from Without My Enemy What Would I Do]