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[hot off the press] Diamond Doves//Eat Your Heart Out

Diamond Doves was formed in 2010 by longtime friends and musical collaborators Nick Kinsey, Brigham Brough and Wyndham Garnett. The sound of Diamond Doves is the meeting of their three distinct vocal, instrumental and compositional personalities. With a seemingly endless instrumental palette and a penchant for genre-hopping, Diamond Doves draw from a wide range of influences both foreign and domestic, new and old. Their sound at times recalls the mass and drive of Funkadelic, the studio experimentation of Os Mutantes and the democratic ethos of The Band, yet it clearly owes a lot to the pop-craft of contemporaries like Animal Collective, The Walkmen and Kanye West…[more]

While you wait for Diamond Doves’ debut LP (due out this Spring), i’m pleased to share with the brand new track “Eat Your Heart Out”.

♪  Diamond Doves – Eat Your Heart Out

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