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[hot off the press] David Lynch//Crazy Clown Time

Sunday Best and PIAS America are pleased to announce that the title track from Crazy Clown Time, David Lynch’s first-ever solo album will be free to download on Lynch’s official Facebook page for a limited time beginning Tuesday, October 4. Lynch cryptically describes the song as “a phenomenon of the age in which we live.”  The full album will be released internationally on November 7 and in the North America on November 8. [source: girlie action]

Marking a departure from his revered and influential musical collaborations in the past with Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks), Polish pianist Marek Zebrowski (Inland Empire), and Sparklehorse and Danger Mouse (Dark Night of the Soul), “Crazy Clown Time” unveils a majestic, yet powerfully idiosyncratic vision of “modern blues” that could only be drawn from the mind of David Lynch. Filled with foreboding soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics, this is music that will resonate not only with fans of Lynch’s films, but also to listeners who appreciate daring, experimental music. [source: davidlynch.com]

Head on over to David Lynch’s facebook page to stream/download the new track.  If you’re at all familiar with Mr. Lynch, “Crazy Clown Time” is pretty much exactly what you would expect.  On the other hand though, if you’re not familiar with Mr. Lynch, you’re in for something quite peculiar…to say the least.