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Now that the shock from Wednesday’s loss has somewhat wore off, I’ve started to reflect a bit.  Say what you will about Apple, but you can’t deny the impact the company, and more importantly the main man behind the company, has had on not just technology, but entertainment as well (i dare you to say you’re not a pixar fan).

I’m sad for Steve’s family and friends…it’s never easy to lose a loved one.  I’m sad I won’t get to watch another “Stevenote” address…nobody else can rock the faded blue jeans and black turtle neck like he did.  I’m sad because the world lost one of it’s most talented visionaries…i’ll always wonder what else he had up his sleeve.

I for one am proud to say that I have never owned a PC.  I still have my families first computer — the Macintosh II.  The first time I ever surfed the net at home was on the original, lime green iMac G3.  The computer I took to college, and used for my entire undergrad, was an iMac DV.  My graduation present was the original intel core duo MacBook (which got me through grad school and i’m writing this post with now).  I used the same MacBook at work until I convinced my boss to buy a 24” iMac for my office (we ended up buying 2 for the office, 2 for my house, 1 for my boss, 1 for my asst, and 1 MacBook Pro thrown in for good measure…where’s my commission?).  I remember buying the original iPod shuffle because it was the only one I could afford and I still use it to this day.  I’m happily obsessed with my iPhone and my mother-in-law’s iPad.  Needless to say, i kinda, sort of like Apple.

Am I worried that Apple will falter without Steve’s guidance?  Not one bit.  Steve was obviosouly a smart and talented individual, and maybe one-of-a-kind, but he surrounded himself with a whole lot of smart and talented people.  In other words, Steve had a contingency plan and I really believe Steve’s too respected by the Apple community for them not to continue succeeding.  Out of respect for their fallen captain, I expect Apple to walk tall.

And one more thing…

Thank you Steve.  You will be missed.

♫ Chairlift – Bruises ♫
(probably my favorite iPod commercial to date)