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8tracks is an online site for user generated mixtapes.  I hadn’t heard of it until the Hype Machine gave it a nod in one of their recent newsletters, but then I immediately downloaded the free iPhone app and started searching through thousands of free mixtapes.

The app is great.  You can easily find and listen to thousands of free mixes, but to really get the full effect of 8tracks, you need to start creating your own mixes.  I just completed my first one and I’m already thinking about my future mixes.  [Update: The app was great.  Since posting this last week, I haven’t been able to make it through one entire song without the app crashing.  Until they fix this, the app is pretty much useless.  At least the app was free, so I can’t bitch too much, and I still love the site.]

Check out my first mix, Boy Meets Girl, Volume 1, (let me know what you think), then start creating your own.