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[on the rise] Viper Creek Club

Viper Creek Club (VCC) is the evolving and enduring project of Mat Wisner. Originally an idea in one of Wisner’s demo songs for a previous project, VCC combines the various styles and ideas of Wisner and all of his contributors to live shows and production, making for a refreshing brand of electro-pop music. VCC is inherently influenced by various theories about sound, composition methods, and genre, and they continually work to expand through these ideas in their music. Outside of VCC, Wisner produces, engineers, and mixes for local hip hop artists, an attribute that heavily influences their sound.

VCC’s debut album Letters was released in August 2010, combining smart production techniques with organic percussion and piano to create a sound both deliberate and natural at the same time. In April 2011, VCC released a much buzzed about hip-hop remix album, Viperlust, through local Seattle label Members Only. The Stranger’s Charles Mudede dubbed the album, “the first solid, artistic connection between local indie rock and indie hip hop.” [free download here]

VCC is set to release their latest EP Hot Lights on February 14, 2012. The EP’s title refers to the neon lights that illuminate the city we occupy at night, and the music recounts tales of urban nightlife, partying, lust, drugs, and young love. As Wisner explains, “it’s the perfect title for the energy and momentum of the songs on the album.” Tracks on Hot Lights were also inspired by the passion and energy the group encountered off of their first year on the indie festival circuit, playing CMJ in 2010, along with SXSW and Seattle’s City Arts Festival in 2011.

In the past, they have supported indie acts We Are Scientists and Ra Ra Riot, and have sold out headlining shows at venues in their hometown of Seattle. Their music has been featured on Real World: Las Vegas and The Young And The Restless, as well as commercials for Nike and Microsoft Windows 8.

It is clear that Wisner puts all of his passion and experience to good use with Viper Creek Club, which is made evident in their signature synth-driven melodies and carefully constructed beats that never fail to keep the party going. [source: planetary group]

 Viper Creek Club – Because I Know (from Hot Lights EP)

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