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[watch] Snow & Voices//Maybe Finland

Director Shannyn Sossamon says “I love Lauri’s voice. When she asked me to make the video for “Maybe Finland”, I was happy to do it. Ravi Dhar, a friend and cameraman, had been wanting to have fun with slow motion on his Canon – which was actually perfect for Lauri’s voice and the songs atmosphere. We made it one late night at Ravis house where Lauri was a trooper, having to dance for hours and hours without a clear end in sight. Here it is. Enjoy the video!”

Sossamon of course is talking about the latest music video from LA duo Snow & Voices.  In case you’re not familiar, Snow & Voices consists of keyboardist Jebin Bruni and vocalist Lauri Kranz.  For the recording of their album, Anything That Moves, they surrounded themselves with a musical collective consisting of friends and musicians including Joey Waronker, Joshua Grange and Chris Bruce.  Their third album to date, Anything That Moves is a multi-layered aural landscape.  The album features eight original songs written by Kranz and Bruni, plus their cover of the Red House Painter’s (Mark Kozelek) “Mistress” (my personal favorite, btw). Produced by Jebin Bruniand Darrell Thorp (Radiohead, Beck), Anything That Moves commits the band to the moody dream-pop sound that they have become known for.

As of late, the duo has been working on The Covers Project, for which they’ve been recording a series of cover songs and releasing them one at a time, every few months or so, with a vinyl release of the collection due at the end of the year.  The first song in the series is a cover of Tir Na Nog’s “So Freely” from their 1972 release A Year and a Smile.  The second release from The Covers Project is a fantastic cover of The Cure’s “Disintegration”.  Both of these tracks, and more, are available on iTunes.

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