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(31) Days of Good//12.21.15

A few more of the best videos of 2015…



♩ Autre Ne Veut – Panic Room [from Age of Transparency]




♩ The Weeknd – The Hills [from Beauty Behind The Madness]




Weird…but I’m super intrigued.

♩ Yung Lean – Hoover [single]




♩ Kendrick Lamar – Alright [from To Pimp A Butterfly]




One of the most unique artists in popular music, and if she wanted to be as big as Taylor Swift she could be…she can craft a pop song as well as anyone…she just chooses to not play it straight.

♩ Grimes – Flesh Without Blood/Life in the Vivid Dream [from Art Angels]




♩ Banks – Better [single]




(31) Days of Good//12.9.15


Song of the summer (‘15) right here, love the homage to MJ. Almost sounds like ’83 Quincy Jones was in the studio. (bren)

♩ The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face [from Beauty Behind The Madness]




I am still continually listening to Disclosure’s debut album Settle, but the brothers from across the pond didn’t fall into the sophomore slump with Caracal at all. This record is a more straightforward pop/dance record compared to the soulful house music we all came to know and love but I love it. Miguel is one of the better artists working in R&B today and he lends his voice to this moody dance track. With big collaborators like Sam Smith, Lorde, and The Weeknd,this track might get overlooked but it might be my personal fave from the album.

Disclosure ft. Miguel – Good Intentions [from Caracal]

[disclosureofficial.com] + [officialmiguel.com]



Fresh off his new Age of Transparency album, the follow up to his spectacular 2013 album Anxiety. “Panic Room” is an intense soul song with the same abstract production that we have come to know from Arthur Ashin. The Brooklyn producer also shares an incredibly awkward yet hilarious video for “Panic Room”.

Autre Ne Veut – Panic Room [from Age of Transparency]





My favorite song right now…with my favorite female vocalist and a rad producer. Also check out the Chet Faker cover of “No Diggity” if you haven’t already

♩ Chet Faker ft. Banks – 1998 [single]

[chetfaker.com] + [hernameisbanks.com]





[new music roundup] 10.2.15



A few of my favorite new releases this week…


Autre Ne Veut//Age of Transparency



Deafheaven//New Bermuda



Girls Names//Arms Around a Vision



Run the Jewels//Meow the Jewels






What are your favorite new releases this week?