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(31) Days of Good//12.12.17

“Katie Von Schleicher layers her beautiful voice over a bed of warped and magical sounds. She says she wrote this on a quiet spring evening, windows open, at the piano. When I got to the refrain, I felt better. The chords open up and the tension releases. I’m vulnerable, asking, ‘Do I hold my life?’ But the lyrics affirm a confidence I’ve just spent an album searching for, and they’ll guide me into the next one.” (via NPR Music)

Katie Von Schleicher – Sell It Back [from Shitty Hits]


Love this tune…even though I feel guilty everytime I listen as I walk around with my headphones on and avoid human contact.

London O’Connor – NOBODY HANGS OUT ANYMORE [from O∆]


I know very little about Abadabad. I know the band released their debut EP (The Wild) five years ago. I know they released their follow-up LP (Touch the Feel) earlier this year. I know I dig the lead single “10 Fingers.” Here’s what the band has to say about “10 Fingers” and their latest LP – “The song serves as an invitation to the new sonic architecture of Abadabad, evolving from the lo-fi bedroom sound of The Wild EP into something more alive. The instrumentation and arrangement were inspired by the recording space. Mystic Steamship Co. in Arlington, MA (now Love Magnet in Roxbury) was a small tape studio below a salon in Arlington Center. Ian Doerr’s (producer/engineer) hyper-specific drum sounds and ‘playing’ of the tape delay create the swirling, psychedelic environment that the song lives and breathes in. ’10 Fingers’ was the first song to be recorded for Touch The Feel and laid the foundation for further explorations into the aesthetic and sound, both live and in the studio.”

Abadabad – 10 Fingers [from Touch the Feel]


A wistful track with driving synths, stimulating production, and polished basslines. Indie Shuffle really sums it up best – “I would have just said this song makes me feel like making pottery with Patrick Swayze, but that’s a far better and more poetic way to sum up just how spooky-groovy-cool ‘Susan’ really is. (via Indie Shuffle)

Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Susan [single]