snow tunes

snowboard movies have come along way. what use to be a a lot hi-8 and denim clad bodies being hucked off dinky kickers has evolved to million $ budget films with hi-def cameras, steady cams, exotic locations, and heli shots. more importantly, the music has evolved with the filmmaking. the old standard of punk song, metal song, thug rap song, repeat, has almost completely disappeared. Snowboard videos are continually showcasing relatively unknown, indie bands, electro/snythpop bands and more. if it weren’t for many of these “new” snowboard videos, my ipod would not have half the bands/songs it has today.

the robotfood videos are really the forerunners to this new standard in snowboard video productions. their first release, “Afterbang”, turned me on to bands like stereo total and le tigre. their second release, “Lame”, introduced me to one of my favorite bands, royksopp. their third, and unfortunately last, release was “AfterLame”. this last robotfood film introduced me to the knife and teddybears.

fortunately, other production companies took notice and picked up where robotfood left off. the all girls video from mischief films, As If…, had one of the best all around snowboard video soundtracks. tracks from the go! team, le tigre, and orchestral manoeuvres in the dark were used prominently, but i was also introduced to annie, 50 hertz, and architecture in helsinki. most recently, That’s It, That’s All featured M83 and MGMT.

Here are a couple of my favorite video clips from the films mentioned:

Afterlame Heartbeats Section

That’s It, That’s All (Intro w/ M83)
some favorite tracks from the films mentioned:
the knife – “heartbeats” featured in Afterlame
50 hertz – trådlös sewingmachine” featured in As If…
M83 – “we own the sky” featured in That’s It, That’s All
stereo total – “i love you, ono” featured in Afterbang
royksopp – “remind me” featured in Lame

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