[on the rise] Teen Mom

Chris Kelly started crafting fuzzed out pop tunes while studying abroad in Ireland. Meanwhile, Tom MacWright and Sean Dalby, who met at college in Virginia, played in a series of bands as a ‘hired gun’ rhythm section. The three came together when Chris Kelly crashed their July 4th party, and over time, began sharing the material he’d been experimenting with.  Eventually, the skeletons became songs and the friends became a band, and in March 2011, the three hunkered down and began refining the material that would become Mean Tom and several singles-in-waiting.

Teen Mom will release their debut for Analog Edition Records on November 27th.  Mean Tom pre-orders are now being collected for the six-track EP, available in an edition of 300 on 12″ vinyl – 250 in black and 50 in coke bottle clear.  Stream and download two tracks below — “I Wanna Go Out” and “You and Me”.  [source: Goldest Egg]



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