[on the rise] Oh! My Blackbird

Alt-folk trio Oh! My Blackbird, fronted by lead vocalist and guitarist Annie Sullivan, harness the magic of close vocal harmonies and pissed off lyrics. With Nick Jozwiak (cello, bass, auto harp) and Veronica Kohl (tambourine, vocals), they create a tight yet playful folk pop sound. On March 6th, they will release their full-length album Dare Me.

Inspired by classical music — particularly choral music and madrigals — and 60’s and late 70’s folk revival, mixed with 90’s-00’s era rock, their sound is driven by tight vocals and witty, often venomous lyrics. Sullivan tells introspective tales of real life experiences that are steeped in traditional pop — like a string of really bad boyfriends — mixed with a mystical folk mentality.

Oh! My Blackbird released their first EP Too Much Future in May 2011, followed by Drop Dead EP in October 2011. Look for more of the band’s acoustic folk pop sounds, combined with mystical and psychedelic elements on Dare Me. Recorded in January 2012, Dare Me was produced by Oliver Ignatius (Ghost Pal) at the Cobble Hill based recording studio Mama Coco’s Funky Kitchen. [source: feeling anxious]



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