[on the rise] Holy Esque

After forming (barely) a year ago, young Scottish indie rockers Holy Esque are set to release their debut EP later next month.

Hailing from Glasgow, the band began playing shows throughout the UK, including some shows with WU LYF.  The buzz generated from these shows, along with posting a few demos online, gave rise to more and more coverage, including a feature on NME’s Radar Tip Of The Day, which writes “Holy Esque really benefit from that everything up to ten factor, but also know their way around a riff that kinda sounds like classic Bunnymen played by James Dean Bradfield….you’ll be needing to play this loud.”

The self-titled Ep is due out April 23rd and even though it’s a mere 4 tracks, ambitious cuts like “Rose” (streaming below) and “Prophet of Privilege”, make it the perfect introduction to one of Glasgow’s most promising young acts.

Holy Esque//Rose


p.s. Lucky UK residents can catch the group live for a series of shows to celebrate the EP’s release (dates).

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