[on repeat] The Seedy Seeds

The best part about starting this blog are the many different artists and bands i’ve been introduced to and Cincinnati’s The Seedy Seeds are a perfect example.

Even though they’ve been making music since 1999, it wasn’t until earlier this week that I got my first taste of this part folk, part pop, and part electronic trio.  Their latest full-length, Verb Noun, was released last month and it’s been on repeat since I got a hold of it.

They’ve been compared to Mates of State, Freelance Whales, Au Revoir Simone, and The Postal Service (all favorites of mine) and last Summer, the band was selected as one of Paste Magazines Best of What’s Next, for which Paste described the band perfectly — “If you ever find yourself in a Cincinnati parking lot witnessing an impromptu concert by a band that seems to combine equal bits of folk, pop and electronica, chances are you’re watching The Seedy Seeds in action”.

Speaking of the Seeds in action, they just happen to be touring the US and they’re playing a show at The Mint tonight (3/25).  So all you Angelinos with nothing to do tonight, brave the rain and go listen to some great live music!  BUZZGRINDER’s Sean Cannon put it best — “I assumed that a band using an iPod, accordion, kazoo, guitar and banjo had to be kitschy and, well, not too great. I was humbled. They tore it up.” (complete tour info here)

Check out the title track from Verb Noun below and be sure to visit the band’s bandcamp page, where you can listen to and support their music.

The Seedy Seeds – Verb Noun

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  1. It’s puzzling that this band hasn’t got a dictionary. There are a ton of names you guys could have used without ripping off The SEEDS, a real rock & roll band.

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