[hot off the press] The Imagineers + Craig Ferguson

In honor of host Craig Ferguson’s roots in the Scotland music scene, local Glasgow quartet The Imagineers will perform on CBS’s The Late Late Show in Scotland for five consecutive nights starting this week, from the 14th to the 18thof May.

The group, composed of Steven Young, Scott Bonnyman, Stephen Forbes and Ali Greig, delivers melodic tunes dusted with notes of surf rock and catchy indie pop. The Imagineers’ passion and energy-driven live performance makes evident the surrealism and lust for life that their music conveys.

The band is set for their CBS preformances coming off the success of their first demo EP See as I SayThe Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson and his team recorded a homecoming week-long Scottish special exploring his native land in March, filming a concert series in the Tron Theatre (Glasgow) with The Imagineers performing a selection of their songs. The band also recorded their own version of the show’s theme song, which will be used as the opening credits each night of the series.

The band’s song “Imagineer” was chosen by CBS for their promo video featuring stars Craig Ferguson, Michael Clark Duncan (The Green Mile), Mila Kunis (That 70’s ShowForgetting Sarah Marshall), Rashida Jones (The OfficeThe Social Network) and Alex Salmond (Scottish First Minister). [source: planetary group]


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