[hot off the press] San Cisco//Awkward EP

You hear the distinct vibration of your mobile phone. A text message from a new crush. Do you text back? Do you wait? Is it stalking or does it just show that you’re interested? Everyone has been there, taking those first steps in a new relationship. It’s, well, awkward.

For San Cisco, there has been very little waiting around. The four-piece have followed their own path since emerging from Fremantle, Western Australia a few years ago. From humble beginnings of weekend jams to being nominated for a 2011 Unearthed J Award, the band have a natural chemistry, growing organically into their own mold to create their sophomore EP, Awkward.

Lead single “Awkward” is an unmistakable pop gem featuring the vocal talents of both Jordi Davieson and drummer, Scarlett Stevens. Penned in the studio one afternoon, the song has since risen to become a triple j favorite in Australia, embedding itself in the head and hearts of listeners as they respond to the band by voting it in for a week as the number one most requested song.

Following on from their success of their debut EP, Golden Revolver, San Cisco returned to the recording studio with Steven Schram (Little Red, Little Birdy and Cat Empire) in Melbourne to delve further into the songs they had perfected on stage and in the backyard shed. The finished product is their sophomore EP, Awkward, featuring five tracks of indie pop goodness, showcasing Jordi’s turn of phrase and Josh Biondillo’s varied influences in his music writing. In its entirety it is an eclectic mix of indie pop with dashes of rock and slashes of synth. Each member of the band brings a different influence to the table from their diverse and eclectic palate of indie, rap, hip-hop and jazz.

The Awkward EP is slated for a digital release in the U.S. on February 7th through their own record label Island City Records independently through MGM. [source]

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