Holiday Gift Guide 2010

The Christmas season is in full swing and if you didn’t brave the crowds this last black friday, you probably still have some shopping to take care of. If you happen to be shopping for any music lovers, this list will hopefully help you find the perfect gift. Also, most of these sites are offering Cyber Monday deals today (11/29), so definitely check them out.

1. Ticket Stub Diary from
This is a great way to preserve your concert tickets (or broadway, sporting events, movies, etc.). It comes with clear sleeves that fit a variety of ticket sizes, plus space in the margin to write down your memories from the event. Acid-free pages will preserve your memories; so you can tell your kids you saw Lou Reed join the Gorillaz on stage to peform Some Kind of Nature.
2. EarPeace – Live Music Hearing Protection from
If there’s one thing I dislike about concerts, it’s the ringing I get in my ears after shows. Hearing damage is no laughing matter and if you want to continue enjoying the use of your ears, I recommend investing in these bad boys. EarPeace ear plug’s high-fidelity design delivers high quality sound and great protection. Plus, the plug’s low profile design and small size make them very unnoticeable.
BONUS: EarPeace is offering 50% off and free shipping when you order 2 (or more) ear plugs today (11/29). Use coupon code “50off”.
3. Love is a Mixtape by Rob Sheffield

For the reader on your list, I highly recommend Rob Sheffield’s memoir, Love is a Mixtape. It uses fifteen mix tapes to frame the story of his courtship and marriage to Renee Crist (a fellow DJ, grad student, and mix tape aficionado) before her untimely death from a pulmonary embolism in 1997. This is one of my favorite books and definitely one of the best books i’ve read in the past 10 years. Sheffield’s second book, Talking to Girls About Duran Duran: One Young Man’s Quest for True Love and a Cooler Haircut, was released in July 2010. I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but now that i’m done with grad school I definitely plan on it. You can purchase both books at Amazon and pretty much any bookstore.
4. Wilco Coffee Lover’s Bundle
Jeff Tweedy and Co are showcasing their coffee expertise with a special gift set that’s perfect for the coffee/music lover on your list. The gift set includes two pounds of Wilco-selected whole beans (an Ethiopian coffee roasted by Chicago’s esteemed coffee purveyors, Intelligentsia), two Wilco mugs, and a mystery gift. You can purchase the gift set directly from the Wilco Store.
5. Station to Station: Deluxe Edition
This 5 CD, 3 vinyl, DVD, and more, boxset for David Bowie’s Station to Station reissue is perfect for the Bowie fan on your list. Among the included goodies are a remastered 5.1 mix of the album, a previously unreleased 1976 concert, and a booklet of never-before-seen photos. You can purchase the box set from Amazon.
6. Apple iPod Touch (4th gen)

Hands down the best iPod Touch to date and the next best option for non-iPhone users (don’t believe me, ask all your android/blackberry friends why they carry both this and a phone around). Anybody that has an iPhone or iPod Touch can vouch for this product. You’ll never want to use your classic iPod again once you’ve experienced this iPod’s interface. The touch screen makes finding the perfect tune so much easier than the original iPod’s wheel and combine this with the the camera, the App Store, iTunes, and iBooks, and you’ve got yourself a mighty fine product. My only gripe would be the lack of 3G access, but wifi is becoming more and more accessible everyday that this isn’t a huge issue. Make somebody very happy and purchase the latest iPhone Touch here.
7. Agent headphones by Skullcandy

Skullcandy makes a lot of great headphones and music accessories, but my personal favorite are the Agent headphones. These headphones provide great sound, fit perfectly, and come in a multitude of colors/styles. I wish they were mic’d for my iPhone, but the low cost and quality more than make up for it. You can purchase the Agent headphones directly from
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