Grammys 2011: Thoughts and Recollections

I’m shocked!  The winner of Grammys’ biggest award, Album of the Year, went to Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs.  Why the shock?  Because the Grammy’s are notorious for handing out awards to the same old rubbish, year after year.

It’s almost a given that whichever artist sold the most records and/or had the most songs overplayed on the radio wins.  True, the Grammys do always seem to nominate somewhat lesser know, smaller sales, alt-indie acts (such as Radiohead, Gnarls Barkley, The White Stripes, Beck…all Album of the Year nominees, zero wins), but these nominations don’t do anything but get my hopes up.

But this year, the Grammys got one right.  Finally, the Grammys showed some backbone and selected an album that is truly worthy of being called Album of the Year, and not simply because it had the highest sales (Eminem’s Recovery has sold over 4 million copies, while The Suburbs has sold just under 500,000).

Unfortunately, I’m guessing when it’s time for Grammys 2012, they’ll be back to their silly ways.  A bunch of negative nancies with nothing better to do, including the walking trash bag Rosie O’Donnel, are giving their two-cents for why Arcade Fire don’t deserve the big win.  Check out the site one of these derelicts started (warning: if you’re a fan of Arcade Fire, this site will do nothing but piss you off):

Anyways, F those peeps and congratulations Arcade Fire, you definitely deserve it!  Now a few more thoughts from last nights show.

1. I love the song, but can somebody explain to me why Empire State of Mind, a song that was released in October of 2009, won this years Grammy for Best Rap Song?  Especially considering that Jay -Z won the same award the year before, with a song from the same album (Blueprint 3.0)?

2. What was the point of having Matthew Morrison, Esperanza Spalding, and a full jazz band on stage to talk about about community service programs?

3. Best New Artist?  Esperanza Spalding (big congrats by the way!) has released 10 albums since 2001 (3 as a leader).  Mumford & Suns and Florence and the Machine both released albums in 2009.  Hey Grammys, there’s this thing called the internet that makes it particularly easy to discover new music.  Maybe you should look into it.

4. Hey Justin Bieber, during your performance it looked like one of your ninja’s took a bad fall on his back, is he okay?

5. Hey Lady Gaga, Madonna wants her B-Side back.

6. If it makes you feel better Eminem, I did like Recovery.  It was a heck of a lot better than your last 2 releases.

7. Dear Barbara Streisand, either you don’t know how to read or you’re just a bitch…i’m going with the latter.

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